Wasting our lives and glorifying God

Wasting our lives and glorifying God
Notice God's unutterable waste of saints, according to the judgment of the world. God plants His saints in the most useless places. We say - God intends me to be here because I am so useful. Jesus never estimated His life along the line of the greatest use. God puts His saints where they will glorify Him, and we are no judges at all of where that is. ~Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest, August 10

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Being a mother.  

There's just nothing like it.

I sleep with my baby.  He's so warm and toasty and smells just delicious.

We fall asleep together nursing. And then sleep curled up together.

Is there anything better than that?  His darling face is the first thing I see in the morning.  I often wake to his chubby little hand curled around my finger.

Last night the three year old joined us because she was not feeling well--a little feverish.  The ten year old came to bed, too, because the three year old can't sleep without her.  A little crowded, but River and I curled up tighter.  

In the middle of the night I adjusted myself and realized I was wet.  Oh no.  I felt around in the dark, under the blankets, to assess the damage.  What I felt was not just wet.  It was slimy.  And it was everywhere.

River's diaper had not held up and he left his bright yellow breastfed baby mark on my legs, my side, the sheets and all over his legs.  

Cleaning up poo at 4am.

Motherhood.   It's the grossest job you'll ever love.


THE Princess Bombshell* said...


LAST night? :( Sary was sick again? Or was this just written from the other day??

Gombojav Tribe said...

Last night. Such a restful night.

LEO said...

LOL!!!!!!!! Sounds SO familiar :) HA HA HA!!

Sheri said...

Love it!

Mrs. and Mama K said...

and this is why our little one ALWAYS has a pad under her!

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