Wasting our lives and glorifying God

Wasting our lives and glorifying God
Notice God's unutterable waste of saints, according to the judgment of the world. God plants His saints in the most useless places. We say - God intends me to be here because I am so useful. Jesus never estimated His life along the line of the greatest use. God puts His saints where they will glorify Him, and we are no judges at all of where that is. ~Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest, August 10

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bell Tower

The facade of Notre Dame, central portal
It's 400 steps to the famous Notre Dame bell tower.  It's, of course, free to enter the place of worship.  But if you want to climb up the tower for the breathtaking views you have to pay a small fee.  (Can't remember, maybe about 8 euros.)  And you have to wait in line.  We waited for about 1.5 hours.  But, it was not that bad.  An interesting street performer entertained the line.  And we got to people watch, which is my favorite pastime.  And eavesdrop on some annoying tourists.  One with a strong Wisconsin-esque accent, a middle aged woman, said quite loudly to her husband, "Now would you look at those things up there sticking out.  Aren't those just neat."  I suppressed my chuckle.  Gargoyles.  Just neat.
Gargoyles are just gutters to keep the rain water flowing off the roof.

While we were in line we enjoyed some pastries I pick up at the little bakery near our hotel.

Half-way up

People often confuse these mythical creatures for gargoyles.  Gargoyles are the drain pipes.  These are Chimeras.  The Chimera is supposed to represent those unrepentant souls caught between choosing right or wrong, caught between heaven and earth.  Tormented, thus their odd and ugly appearance. Reminds me of The Uglies in George MacDonald's The Princess and Curdie.  (Which, by the way, you can read for free here.  But, you won't get the lovely illustrations by Nora S. Unwin.)

I love Paris in the summer.....'cause that's the only time I've been there.  But, can you beat this view and weather?!


There are statues of the apostles and evangelists which all face outward, blessing the city.  There is a statue of the architect facing inward....Rick Steves says he's admiring his work.

Going into the belfry.  It holds the Cathedral's largest bell.  It's name is Emmanuel and it weighs more than 13 tons!  It's clapper alone weighs 500 kilos.  It was lifted to the tower with ropes in the 17th Century.  Incredible!!!   This bell is wrung only on major Catholic feast days.


Not Esmeralda!


The following picture was taken because of Gana's extreme and utter disgust over it:
His rant after our hike up went something like this:  The first stones of this Cathedral were laid in 1163 and took 200 years to complete.  It's withstood war and government changes.  Thousands visit everyday!   And some idiot thinks he needs to say "I was here."  Well, good for you.  We'd appreciate if you don't deface any more historic or religious sites. 


Lady Dorothy said...

400 steps and you don't even look winded!

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

It never ceases to surprise me what gets our men on a rant. Sometimes I'm like "Of ALL things, THAT!?!??! Really?!" lol Gana's so cute.

Mrs. and Mama K said...

HERE is why people think of them as gargoyles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargoyles_%28TV_series%29 stupid cartoonists! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish you would have spoke in that video clip, Daja. I would have loved to hear your voice. <3

Love~ Andrea

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