Wasting our lives and glorifying God

Wasting our lives and glorifying God
Notice God's unutterable waste of saints, according to the judgment of the world. God plants His saints in the most useless places. We say - God intends me to be here because I am so useful. Jesus never estimated His life along the line of the greatest use. God puts His saints where they will glorify Him, and we are no judges at all of where that is. ~Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest, August 10

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The best things in 2012

Oh, I know the best things in life are free.  And the best things are not really things.  But, rather than throw up pictures of all my favorite people, my baby's feet and my garden, here are some of my favorite THINGS in 2012.


Wendell Berry books in general, but especially Hannah Coulter
If I could quote this whole book, I would.  It's lovely and warm and feels like you are sitting down to tea with your favorite grandmother who tells you the most amazing stories of her life and through the stories guides your paths and heals your soul.  No seriously.  It's just like that.

“The world is so full and abundant it is like a pregnant woman carrying a child in one arm and leading another by the hand. Every puddle in the lane is ringed with sipping butterflied that fly up in flutter when you walk past in the late morning on your way to get the mail.” --Hannah Coulter


Shirt of Flame...a book to begin a journey with St. Therese of Lisieux
So, this protestant girl is taking a long walk with St. Therese and getting a vocation to love.  CAUTION: Walking with St. Therese is not for the faint of heart, it's challenging.  Downright challenging.  But, then again, so is walking with Jesus.  So, go ahead.  Take the plunge.

Would you like to offer yourself as a victim to the merciful love of God? --St. Therese of Lisieux

Here Begin by Andrea Marie
Now I don't download a huge amount of music.  I am notorious for rockin' out to something I liked in fifteen years ago.  But, hey, if it's good, it's good and I'll like it forever.  Thankfully(!!!), someone emailed me a recommendation for Andrea Marie, particularly, a song called Boys and Girls.  I'm not lying that I fell in love.  My kids now call this album, "Mom's soul honey."  Because when I'm having a bad day, this is the album to bring peace.  It's that good.  Go now to itunes and download it.  It's lyrical and musical loveliness.

(In related news....do not google "Andrea Marie" in images looking for this album graphic to lift.  Because apparently, there are other girls who have that name who do not make lyrical soul honey.)


Haven Gastropub in Pasadena
I don't recommend restaurants very often.  When we do go out, which isn't often (let's be frank, we have seven children.  We eat in.) I'm frequently disappointed.  But, there is one place I could eat every single day. It's Haven Gastropub in Pasadena.  I have three words for you: Roasted. Bone. Marrow.  It will change your life.  Their shepherd's pie is what I will order if I ever I have to request a last meal.

In fact, just thinking about their amazing menu, this pregnant lady is one step away from sending Gana out to get me a little something......


Above Rubies Magazine and Nancy Campbell Books
I've known about Above Rubies for years.  Just never got around to ordering it.  Then I went to the Reformation of Food and The Family Conference in San Antonio.  And I heard Nancy speak.  I was so moved that afterwards I went and introduced myself to her and told her she was my new BFF.  That might have crossed over from "fan" to "creepy stalker."  But, I just adore her.  I do.  She's got gumption.  She tells it exactly like she sees it.  But, it's so sugar coated in love and grace that even if she's just chastised you, you feel like asking for more!  She's so genuine.  Like she really will give you all the time in the world.  When you talk to her, you have her full attention and she's so eager to love you that you wish you lived close enough to invite yourself over for tea.


This movie.

This movie!!!!

(Warning: It's not a Christian movie.  They do drop a few F-bombs.)

This movie changed my life.  And not in the delicious bone-marrow sense above.  But, in the practical application of gratitude.  In seeing bliss as my birthright.  In believing and knowing that I am worthy to be loved.  Seriously, if Graham Cooke and Ann Voskamp were screen-writers for Indie post-modern movies, they would have written this...together.  It's so good.  It's a movie I don't own, but want to own and I can probably count on one hand the number of movies I personally own. (I don't count movies my children own.)  I'd re-watch it on those days when the devil tries to trick me into thinking that I'm too messed up and that I don't deserve all the abundance of God's love.

If you appreciate really thoughtful movies that are totally uplifting but aren't total fluff, this is one you should see!

So, there ya have it!  A few of my favorite things....besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.  What are yours????  Did you make any great discoveries in 2012?


Claire said...

Shirt of Flame and Haven Gastropub are actually on my list, as well, thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

St.Therese.....wow, I am impressed. Try Fire Within next by St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila. I felt like I was on fire after reading them. I will check out that book. Had not heard of it. Blessings, Judy Carlisi
check out "This is Living!"

Gombojav Tribe said...

Thanks for stopping by! I will go check out your blog as well!

This year we've been diving into studies about the Saints. In our homeschool we've been going through the Loyola Book of Saints for Kids and using it as the jumping off point for all sorts of wonderful projects! It's been so faith enriching! Both St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila are coming up in the next few weeks.


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