Wasting our lives and glorifying God

Wasting our lives and glorifying God
Notice God's unutterable waste of saints, according to the judgment of the world. God plants His saints in the most useless places. We say - God intends me to be here because I am so useful. Jesus never estimated His life along the line of the greatest use. God puts His saints where they will glorify Him, and we are no judges at all of where that is. ~Oswald Chambers, My Utmost For His Highest, August 10

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank you, Barbara Billingsley.

"There is in this world no function more important than that of being charming....To shed joy around, to radiate happiness, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny, and the very spirit of grace and harmony, is not this to render a service?"  --Victor Hugo

What I love about June Cleaver is that she always seemed to enjoy whatever she was doing.  She didn't just do housework; she loved her home.  She didn't just raise children; she doted on her little family.  She looked pretty making eggs, vacuuming or doing the mending.  She did her best.  She wasn't a doormat or discontent.  In an age when women were screaming for "liberation" June seemed to have complete freedom to be herself.  And that self was lovely.

People often make fun of June Cleaver welcoming her husband home with her heels and pearls.  But, I want to be like her.  I want to be the golden thread in my family's destiny.  I want to be charming.....just like June.

Rest in peace, Barbara.  Thanks for giving us June.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

THE Princess Bombshell* said...

"She's outgrown it. But she wanders." LOL!!!

Karen Joy said...

I especially love the second clip. She seems like a wonderful lady in real life, too. :)

Anonymous said...


Word Warrior said...

I like your post a lot better than mine ;-)

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